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Want to get together with friends, planning a bat mitzvah? Paint-along parties are a unique activity that everyone is sure to enjoy! We bring all of the necessary supplies- paints, brushes, canvases – you go home with a masterpiece. The entire group will follow our instructor’s step by step demonstration of the pre-picked painting. You will learn new techniques on holding a paintbrush, blending, shading and easy ways to achieve beautiful affects. You can pick from beginner to advanced paintings to do.

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"Racheli's Paint Alongs are professional, creative and fun. I can't wait to go back!"

Rachel Verbov Life Coach

Racheli's paint party was so fun. She encouraged us all to be individual and creative in a fun and relaxing environment. Looking forward to my next one.

Aviva Goldstein Baker Extraordinaire and Valued Friend

Racheli's paint along was tonz of fun. She is talented and gave it over to all of us in a creative way!

Devora Mizrachi Beautician

Being at the paint-along event was relaxing and fun, and I came home with both a painting and a new sense of confidence and excitement that I can make my own artwork!

Tova Bernstein Computer Programmer

Does the party have to be at my house?

We are happy to do whatever is best for you. Feel free to bring your guests to our garden for a fun event. Or, have us bring everything to you!

What if I don't know how to paint?

Neither do we! Paint-alongs are meant for a range of levels. If most of the people there are beginners, then a “simpler” painting will be done. Simple doesn’t mean ugly. We can teach you lots of techniques that require no skills. (Besides for following instructions- if that is an area you having difficulty with please consult an appropriate expert) Everyone will go home with something beautiful, if not beautiful in the very least colorful 🙂

What if I don't want to party? I just want to paint.

No problem! We love visitors. Follow our updates as we host paint-alongs at least once a month and would love to have you join us. Keep in mind, its at a first come first serve basis. We try to keep groups small and the setting fun and intimate.