“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” ― Pablo Picasso.

Every child wonders what they will be when they grow up. Some aspire to become inventors, doctors, millionaires or even the president. 

I had “simple” dreams. Getting married, having kids and being happy. Money sounded like it was a good idea to have, and being a practical person I eventually decided that getting a real job was the best way to go about earning it. 

Artist was never something I dreamed of becoming. I always considered myself to be creative and enjoyed arts n’crafts, jewelery making, painting, sewing, scrap booking. But they were all hobbies.

Growing up in the house of a professional artist probably had something to do with it 🙂 After earning a B.A. in Accounting & databases I needed to start looking for a steady job. I worked at a dead-end office job hoping to finish my licensing during my down-time and day off. Eventually I tried starting my own business with my husband. It failed but we learned a lot- about life, about business, about ourselves and gained some great new skills. After that I was ready to work for someone else again. I am too social to stay home all day and as cute as my kids are, I need adult interaction on a steady basis 😉 

Somewhere along the way I decided to treat myself to learning something I would enjoy. Airbrush. It had never occurred to me before to try it and had never been something on my bucket list. But I happened to be looking at an advertising circular on the bus one day and it caught my eye. Looked like fun and seemed like a great way to spend my day off. The course was expensive and was starting the next week. My husband was all for it (thank you for your never-ending support) and I signed up without thinking about it too much. 

Coming home from those classes I was on such a high. I felt like the time I spent there was better than any therapy, pick-me-up, self-help I could get. I began to dream of eventually quitting my job and doing it for a living. It didn’t seem practical at the time but like a nice vision.

Enter, Corona. I am sure you have heard of it. It was/is a worldwide health crisis that stopped us all in our tracks. Working from my house wasn’t working for me. Even going back to the office didn’t help, the sudden coughing child, city-wide shutdowns and canceled summer-school programs were more than I could handle.  I quit.

I finally started working on this website that we had purchased over 8 months ago. Everyday I come up with a new project that I want to do. I can’t wait to finish the ones I have started. I hope you will join me for some of my next ones. I would feel privileged if you entrusted one of your walls with me. Would be honored to run your next party. Be happy to make your next gift. 


established in 1991​


paint my days away.


helping others discover their hidden talents and finding new ways to unwind and relax